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Last Updated 27-Feb-2010

Contest Results from the Latest Contest

The Participants Call Signs from your Location Summary Document [download PDF version here] [download MS Word version here] will be posted as they are received. This provides a good way for you and your participants to verify that your entries have been received in good order.

Your energy and participation are greatly appreciated, and they are pivotal to the continued success of the CQ-WE Contest. Please continue to send your comments, suggestions for improvement, and email address updates to the National Coordinator throughout the year.

Location Codes and Coordinators Page

So that new and former Contest participants may contact the appropriate Location Coordinator, and participate in the CQ-WE Contest, it is important that the Location Codes and Coordinators page shows the correct information for Local Coordinators and Location Codes.

Therefore, please keep the National Coordinator updated throughout the year if any of the following things change for you (the Location Coordinator), or for your location:

Location Coordinator's Responsibilities

Host Location's Responsibilities

The primary responsibility of the Host Location is to Design, Print, and Distribute the Certificates awarded to CQ-WE Contest Participants and Winners. This is a tradition that has made CQ-WE so special for all the participants over the past 40+ years. It is your opportunity to proudly tell everyone about your Works Location!

Don't Believe It??? Take a look at the Certificate Gallery. It tells much of the story of the dedication and commitment to CQ-WE from each of the Host Locations.

Location Summary Document Template: [PDF version] [MS Word version]

CQ-WE National Coordinator's Mailing Address

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