CQ WE Contest
Windows Logging Program

Created by W4AXO - Jim Roebuck
Updated 16-Oct-2002 - Version 4.11


This program is designed and created for the specific purpose of logging contacts by an individual participating in the Western Electric QSO Party held in November of each year... The program is provided FREE... It has been tested to the extent possible... Questions, comments, or other information may be forwarded to W4AXO@arrl.net


CQ WE WinLog was written in Visual Basic ver. 4, and has been tested on Pentium I and Pentium II computers running Windows 95 and Windows 98SE... It is created for a 32 bit environment and will not run under DOS or Windows 16 bit environments such as Windows 3.1... As with most applications, the faster the CPU and larger the RAM, the better the program will perform... The author uses 500 Mhz and 128 Meg.

The program is designed for a screen resolution of 640 x 480... It will work fine on other resolutions but will not fill the screen... Use the Windows Display Properties (Settings Tab) to set your resolution to 640 x 480... You must also SET YOUR COMPUTER SYSTEM CLOCK TO UTC. (24 hr.) The program reads your system clock automatically and displays the Time and Date in the Input Window.

The Program Files and Instructions may be obtained 2 ways:

Send an Email to W4AXO@arrl.net and Jim will send you the files via an Email Attachment.

Or, you can Download the files right here...
CLICK HERE to Download a Zipped file (Ver 4.11, Oct-2002)
which contains all the files needed to run this program.

UNZIP this file to a Directory on your Hard Disk.

I use "Windows Explorer" to launch the Program and the Instructions in separate Windows... That way I can swap to the Instructions when I need help...

This program requires a Visual Basic 4 support file called VB40032.DLL in your C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM Directory. If you don't have it, you can download a Zipped copy of it by CLICKING HERE... Just UNZIP the file to your C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM Directory.

Comments de KT3TT: - W4AXO's Program is the Easiest to Learn, and Easiest to Use Logging Program that I have ever used... I've used TRLog, CTLog, and LOGEQF... They are good programs, but require a lot of learning time... Jim's Program was easy to install and learn!!! Have Fun... Send your donations to W4AXO if you liked the Program...

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