Information for Contest Hosts

Last Updated 24-Feb-2011

The Role of Host Locations in the CQ-WE Contest

When the CQ-WE contest was established, it was agreed that the responsibility for hosting the contest would float among the various Bell System locations taking part in the contest. Today, as in yesteryear, a new host is selected each year. Initially, host locations were all active Bell System facilities whose ham employees took care of the host responsibilites. Today, many locations are no longer active, and the Bell System retirees perform these important tasks.

Being chosen as the CQ-WE contest host carries with it both an honor and a responsibility. The primary responsibility of the host is to produce and disseminate a certificate to those who have participated in that year's contest. These certificates are highly prized. What follows is a set of guidelines that define what is expected of the hosts and what is expected in the production of the certificate.

Responsibilities of the Host

The host is chartered with designing the annual CQ-WE contest certificates and distributing them to the participants after the results of the contest have been officially posted.

The host shall produce and deliver a certificate for every contestant who submits a log containing 5 or more valid contacts and who provides an email address. Nominally, the host shall deliver the certificate by email to the participants in a form which is suitable for printing. Optionally, if an eligible participant sends the host location $3 to go towards defraying the postage and handling costs, the host shall provide the contestant with a paper copy of the certificate.

At its discretion, the host may elect to accept less than $3 for a paper certificate, or to provide paper certificates without cost to all the participants in lieu of emailed certificates.

If the host location would like to distribute mementos of the contest other than or in addition to certificates the committee is open to hearing their ideas.

The monies collected from these donations belong to the host. The host is expected to fulfill its responsibilities for the money collected, and may keep any that remains after all certificates have been distributed.

At the time the host agrees to serve, it must provide the CQ-WE Committee with a contact person and postal address. This information will be included with the CQ-WE summary logging sheet for the contest year so that contestants desiring paper certs will know where to send their monies.

The CQ-WE Committee will provide the host with a list of contestants and their email addresses. Any monies incorrectly sent in with the logs will also be forwarded to the host.

Ideally, the certificates should be produced and distributed as soon as possible after the contest results have been posted, but by agreeing to be the host location, the host commits to completing its responsibilities by the date of the next contest.

Guidelines for the CQ-WE Certificates

As the title implies, these are merely guidelines and suggestions intended to assist the host location in putting together a certificate. The host location is encouraged to be creative in designing a unique certificate that will impress and be appreciated by those receiving it.

CQ-WE certificates generally showcase Western Electric, the host location and/or its Bell System heritage, a service or device that is or was produced at the host location, or the CQ-WE contest itself.

The certificates are generally titled: "xxth Annual CQ Western Electric Contest", "xxth Annual CQ-WE Contest", "20xx CQ-WE Contest", or something similar.

If not incorporated into the title, the contest year and contest number ("xxth Annual") should be noted somewhere on the certificate.

The certificates should be individualized with the the contestant's callsign, and preferably also their name.

Certificates should note any award the contestant has won in the current contest, such as: "First Place Total Score", "First Place CW", etc. (The awards are determined by the CQ-WE Committee.)

Certificates should also be generated for any location awards (e.g., "High Participation", "High Top-5 Score") and delivered to the location coordinator for that location.

Additional information about the host and/or location being highlighted may be included on the back of the certificate or, preferably, as a supplement to it.

For e-mail distributions, it is recommended that the certificate be packaged as an Adobe Acrobat PDF document. Contact the CQ-WE Committee if you need help with producing this.

A draft of the proposed CQ-WE certificate should be forwarded to the CQ-WE Committee before the contest occurs. The committee would prefer to receive this draft by October 1st of the contest year so that any suggestions can be dealt with before the contest weekend.

See the CQ-WE certificate gallery for examples of past certificates.