The History of the Bell System Locations and their Radio Clubs

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Due to the technical nature of telephony, it's only natural that amateur radio is a common hobby among Bell System employees. As a result, many fine radio clubs sprang up at Bell System locations across the country and across the globe. These clubs were often supported both practically and financially by AT&T and its subsidiaries who recognized the many positive values of ham radio. Indeed, this natural melding of vocation and avocation served as the basis for the creation of the CQ-WE contest.

The histories which follow are an attempt to preserve the rich heritage of both the Bell System's many locations and their radio clubs. If you don't find a write-up for your work location or club here, or if some salient parts are missing or incorrect, please consider submitting your own remembrances for posterity so that we can preserve this part of our collective culture before it is forever lost.

And, now, on to the histories...

The Lucent Retiree Organization also has some excellent location histories on their website: