Instructions for installing the 2018 CQ-WE Contest Logger

This page provides the instructions for installing the CQ-WE logger. Starting with the 2016 contest, you no longer have to install a new logger for each year's contest. Rather, you can continue to use the previous year's program by simply downloading and running a simple update script to ensure it is up to date.

If you participated in last year's contest and still have the logger loaded on your logging PC, you can skip to Step B. Otherwise -- i.e., if you have an older logger, or if you are installing the logger for the first time -- you should follow the full procedure, starting with the next paragraph:

Step A: Installing the current logger for the first time: Although installing the logger on your machine is not difficult, on earlier versions of Windows, such as Windows XP, it may involve more steps than simply downloading and invoking the installation executable. More specifically, the CQ-WE logger requires Microsoft .NET Framework, version 4.0, in order to run. This infrastructure software is used by many programs and some variant of it comes standard on all versions of Windows since Vista. However, version 4.0 (or a later point release of version 4) must be loaded onto your machine, and/or brought up-to-date, prior to installing the CQ-WE logging software. The logger's documentation describes in detail how to do this. The Net Framework installation may take awhile — on slower machines it may take over 30 minutes — so be sure to set aside enough time when performing this installation.

Make sure you remove any prior versions of the logger program which you may have loaded before installing the current version of the product. The instructions for doing this are also in the documentation. Also, if your anti-virus software complains that the logger is not certified — an expensive proposition for our small contest — you may have to disable it temporarily in order to install the logger program. To invoke the installer, first download the CQWE_Base_Logger file. (The base logging program for 2018 is the same one that was used in last year's contest.) Next, Extract (unzip) its contents. Caution: Make sure you actually extract the contents of the zip file by right-clicking and selecting Extract All. If you left-click on the zip file, you'll be left in a pseudo-environment in which the changes will not be permanent. After Extracting the zip contents, follow the subdirectories down until you find the setup.exe file, and then click on that to do the actual install.

This software has been tested on Windows 7 and above. We believe it will still run correctly on Windows XP and above as long as the proper pre-requisites are present. However, it is strongly advised that the logging software be installed and tested on your system in advance of the contest weekend so there is ample time to obtain support if needed.

Step B: Updating the logger for this year's contest: After completing the above steps, or if you already have last year's logger installed:

If you've just updated last year's logger, you'll probably note it still has last year's data in it. If that is the case, please select a new log file to ensure you get a clean start on this year's contest.

If you encounter a difficulty with any of the above steps or have a question while using the logger software, please drop us an email at We want your CQ-WE experience with the new logger to be a good one.