CQ-WE Milestones

07-Aug-2018 - The website is updated to reflect the 2018 contest dates and rules.

18-Feb-2018 - The final results of the 2017 contest are posted to the website: 54 participants submitted logs.

11/12-Nov-2017 - The 58th CQ-WE contest is held with variable band comditions. There was some grumbling about the sparsity of contesters, especially in the CW time slots, but generally the participants seemed to have a good time.

18-Feb-2017 - The final results of the 2016 contest are posted to the website. This year, we received 60 logs, a vast improvement over the previous year. Larry Cannon, K0SFV, wins the handheld door prize. Bob Rosier, K4OCE, again produces certs, this time for the GC location.

12/13-Nov-2016 - The 57th CQ-WE contest is held to a larger crowd than last year. K4OCE donates a handheld to be given away to a randomly selected contest participant. The bands were so-so, but it was refreshing to hear lots of stations calling "CQ-WE" once again... Well, at least on phone.

Sep-2016 - Tom Brown/W2EQ agrees to re-assume the position of National Coordinator for the 2016 contest.

05-Mar-2016 - The website is updated to reflect the 2016 contest dates and rules.

02-Feb-2016 - The final results of the 2015 contest are posted to the website. This year, we received 35 logs representing 20 location codes, our lowest turnout since we started keeping records. Bob Rosier, K4OCE, agreed to produce certs for the QV location.

14/15-Nov-2015 - The 56th CQ-WE contest is held — our first without a National Coordinator. The lack of contestants is blatantly apparent, most likely due to our not getting the word out via email this year. The general mood was one of discouragement.

20-Oct-2015 - George Foy/N4DLR resigns as National Coordinator and from the CQ-WE National Committee.

02-Mar-2015 - Shel Darrack/WA2UBK becomes a member of the National Committee.

25-Feb-2015 - George Foy/N4DLR replaces Tom Brown/W2EQ as National Coordinator of the CQ-WE contest.

24-Feb-2015 - The final results of the 2014 contest are posted to the website. This year, we received 59 logs representing 28 location codes. No location stepped forward to host the 55th contest, but Chuck Helms/WA2VJA agreed to produce a generic certificate of participation. The website was updated to reflect the 2015 contest dates and rules.

8/9-Nov-2014 - The 55th CQ-WE contest is held. Band conditions weren't bad, but participation seemed to be down a bit.

11-Feb-2014 - The final results of the 2013 contest are officialized and posted to the website. All told, we received 67 logs representing 28 location codes. QD named 2013 host location.

9/10-Nov-2013 - The 54th CQ-WE contest takes place. Oddly, it turned out not a single digital contact was logged in this contest.

14-Feb-2013 - The final results of the 2012 contest are officialized and posted to the website.

10/11-Nov-2012 - The 53rd CQ-WE contest takes place with abysmal band conditions of Saturday, but improvements on Sunday. Scores were lower, but everyone seemed to have a good time.

July-2012 - LJ becomes the 2012 Host Location, with George Foy/N4DLR serving as host coordinator.

16-Mar-2012 - The final results of the 2011 contest are posted. A few days later, the website is updated for the 2012 contest.

12/13-Nov-2011 - The 52nd CQ-WE contest takes place with lots of ZZ entrants. The 40m and 20m bands were the contest's mainstay, and the 15m band was open for a change.

Sept-2011 - A new CQ-WE logger written by Tom Foy/N4HAI introduced for the 2011 contest.

July-2011 - MH becomes the 2011 Host Location, with Shel Darack/WA2UBK and Mary McGuinness/K2KYF serving as host coordinators.

23-Feb-2011 - Tom Brown/W2EQ supersedes Rob Stampfli/KD8WK as National Coordinator of CQ-WE.

21-Jan-2011 - Bob Rosier/K4OCE replaces Jim Robuck/W4AXO on the CQ-WE National Committee.

10-Jan-2011 - The final results of the 2010 contest are posted. A few days later, the website is updated for the 2011 contest.

13/14-Nov-2010 - The 51st CQ-WE contest takes place with hoards of people representing the Middletown location. Attendance was up 10%, but the average score was down slightly.

23-Sep-2010 - George Foy/N4DLR replaces John Drum/W4BXI on the CQ-WE National Committee.

July-2010 - GC selected as the 2010 Host Location, along with MH in 2011 and LJ in 2012.

27-Feb-2010 - The website is updated to reflect the 2010 contest.

17-Jan-2010 - The results of the 2009 contest are finalized.

14/15-Nov-2009 - The 50th CQ-WE Contest is held with good results: Participation (submitted logs) was up 20% over last year, breaking a four year downtrend; the sum of all scores was up 40% and the average score was 15% higher than last year's; the number of locations represented was up 15% as well.

07-Jul-2009 - The CRES Amateur Radio Club (formerly Columbus Works, location code 'CB') selected as host location for the 2009 contest.

28-Feb-2009 - The website is updated to reflect the 2009 contest.

10-Feb-2009 - Eight 2008 paper certificates are mailed to those who requested them and, starting a new tradition, electronic certificates are emailed to all of the 2008 participants who submitted logs.

05-Jan-2009 - The results of the 2008 contest are finalized.

02-Jan-2009 - The 2007 certificates are belatedly mailed to the participants who requested them.

8/9-Nov-2008 - The 49th CQ-WE Contest is held with great enthusiasm. Many thought 20m conditions were awful, but most folks seemed to do a bit better than they did last year. We had our first repeat 'ZZ' contesters, and hey, at least the contest took our minds off the dismal stock market for a weekend.

11-Jul-2008 - The Dick Turrin Memorial Radio Club (formerly Avaya Lincroft ARC, location code 'LZ') selected as host location for the 2008 contest.

22-Feb-2008 - The website is updated to reflect the 2008 contest.

16-Jan-2008 - The results of the 2007 contest are finalized.

10/11-Nov-2007 - The 48th CQ-WE Contest takes place with what some said were lousy band conditions, but with lots of enthusiasm among the participants.

08-Sep-2007 - Birmingham, AL, (location code 'BH') selected as host location for the 2007 contest.

06-Mar-2007 - The 2006 certificates and the belated 2003 certificates are mailed to the participants.

17-Jan-2007 - The results of the 2006 contest are finalized. Rob Stampfli/KD8WK supersedes Carl Yaffey/K8NU as National Coordinator for 2007.

11/12-Nov-2006 - The 47th CQ-WE Contest takes place with lots of activity and enthusiasm.

28-Jul-2006 - Avaya Lincroft ARC selected as host location for the 2006 contest.

01-Apr-2006 - The web site is updated to reflect the upcoming 2006 contest.

06-Jan-2006 - The results of the 2005 contest are finalized and the certificates mailed to the participants.

Dec-2005 - The unofficial results of the 2005 contest are posted to the web and updated as the returns come in.

12/13-Nov-2005 - The 46th CQ-WE Contest goes into the history books, with an enthusiastic set of WE-CO and AT&T-affiliated employees and retirees cordially participating to make it another great contest. Tnx to W4BXI for serving as informal net control on 7263, one of the few usable 40m frequencies Sunday afternoon.

12-Apr-2005 - Allentown Works ARC chosen as 2005 host club.

15-Mar-2005 - The 2005 rule updates posted on web site. Significant changes: RST requirement dropped, more digital modes allowed, and contest time slots changed back to what they were originally.

1-Mar-2005 - Certificates for the 2004 contest mailed to participants.

20-Jan-2005 The official results of the 2004 contest posted on web site.

13/14-Nov-2004 - The 45th CQ-WE Contest takes place, hosted by the CRES Amateur Radio Club of Columbus, Ohio.

Oct-2004 - Carl Yaffey/K8NU supersedes Tom Quay/KT3TT as National Coordinator. Web site moved to cqwe.cboh.org.

4-Mar-2004 - 2003 CQ-WE Contest Results posted.

8/9-Nov-2003 - The 44th CQ-WE Contest, hosted by AT&T Middletown ARC.

23-Jan-2003 - Posted Preliminary CQ-WE 2002 Contest Results.

9/10-Nov-2002 - The 43nd CQ-WE Contest... A lot of good conversation about plant closings/sales, early retirements, etc..... Thanks to all for your participation and support... Glad everyone had fun...

16-Oct-2002 - Sent out over 300 email announcements for the 2002 Contest.

31-Aug-2002 - Posted Rules and Forms for the 2002 Contest.

28-June-2002 - The Certificates for the 2001 Contest were mailed to all the participants. Special thanks to NJ2DX, W2EQ, and the members of the Holmdel Club for their support of the CQ-WE Contest.

10-Mar-2002 - Posted Final 2001 Results.

14-Feb-2002 - The Fox River Radio League has offered to be the Host Club for the 2002 CQ-WE Contest. Thanks to K8OIO and the energetic members of FRRL for their support of CQ-WE.

28-Jan-2002 - Posted Preliminary 2001 Contest Results.

02-Jan-2002 - Posted list of 2001 Entries Received.

10/11-Nov-2001 - The 42nd CQ-WE Contest... WOW!!! It seems that everyone adapted very well to the new rules and scoring changes... Thanks to all for your participation and support.

15-Oct-2001 - Added the Contest Forms and Instructions in MS Word format to the 'Info and Rules' page.

02-Oct-2001 - Added the W4AXO CQ-WE WINLOG Contest Logging Program.

30-Aug-2001 - Added 3 more Certificates to the Certificate Gallery , thanks to Bob-K2GLS.
The Certificate Gallery has been the most popular visited page on this Web Site... I started it just as an idea to satisfy my own curiosity about the history of CQ-WE... My Thanks to all of you who have contributed to and visited the Gallery... I guess that the Certificate Gallery means just as much to you as it does to me...

07-Jul-2001 - Added N3YMX QSL Card.

01-Jun-2001 - Started the 'Telco Humor Gallery' and Posted the 'Preliminary' 2001 Contest Rules.

29-Apr-2001 - Added W9JIU QSL Card.

27-Apr-2001 - Posted Scores for the 1998 Contest.

20-Apr-2001 - Added KC4I and N8GB QSL Cards.

28-Mar-2001 - Added more 'Bell System' Links and 'MaBellHams Email Reflector' Info to the Home Page.

27-Feb-2001 - Added more QSL Cards and many more Certificates. The Certificate Gallery is almost complete.

20-Feb-2001 - Posted Scores for the 1999 Contest and an update to the 2000 Contest Scores.

12-Feb-2001 - Posted Scores for the 2000 Contest.

28-Jan-2001 - Added more QSL's and Certificates to the Galleries.

01-Jan-2001 - Added the 'AT&T, Western Electric, & Bell Labs History' to the Home Page.

27-Dec-2000 - Paul Cirillo, KC2YO, asked me to take over the duties of 'CQ-WE National Coordinator'... Over the next few months, Paul and I will be working to take care of unfinished business and finalize the Results for the '2000 Contest'... We will also be working to Finalize the Score Pages for 1998 and 1999.

Paul and I, along with many others, will be working to make 'CQ-WE 2001' a Bigger and Better Event... MARK IT ON YOUR CALENDAR, NOVEMBER 10 and 11, 2001...

06-Dec-2000 - Added the 'Certificate Gallery'.

15-Nov-2000 - Added the '2000 Unofficial Scores' Page.

11/12-Nov-2000 - The 41st CQ-WE Contest.

10-Nov-2000 - 2nd Big Email to Participants, Loc. Coordinators, Bell Ringers, and Pioneers.

09-Nov-2000 - Added the 'QSL Card Gallery'.

29-Oct-2000 - Added the 'Message Board'.

29-Oct-2000 - 1st Big Email to Last Years Participants.

18-Oct-2000 - Started this 'Alternate' CQ-WE Web Site.

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