CQ-WE Contest Timelines

Last Updated 06-Mar-2009

Mar 1 - Contest results for previous year's contest finalized and published on this web site.

Jun 1 - Host Location selected for upcoming contest.

Sep 1 - Last day for petitions for new/updated Location Codes and proposed rule changes to be received. At this point the rules will be finalized on the web site, getting everything ready to 'Go to Press' for this year's contest...

Oct 1 - Finalized Contest Rules and Forms available on this site.

Oct 1 - Last day for Host Location to submit draft copy of CQ-WE Certificate to CQ-WE Committee for review.

2nd full weekend in Nov - The CQ-WE Contest takes place.

Dec 1 - All participant paperwork should be in the hands of the applicable Location Coordinator or the National Coordinator.

Dec 31 - All Entries and Summaries from the Location Coordinators should have been mailed to the National Coordinator.

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